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Adjoining Nice Road

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About Us (We Care)

At 666 Boarding Kennels and Cattery Bangalore, your pets will receive the care they deserve. Our vast leisure environment and facilities provide a comfortable and cheerful setting where your special ones will be cared for with professional attention in a joyous atmosphere full of fun, games, exercise and love. To ensure your pets enduring pleasure and rest, we stick to the philosophy of providing a home away from home for your special ones by taking that extra step. You can feel absolutely safe with 666 Boarding Kennels and Cattery and be ensured that your special ones will have lots of fun with us, because we care.

We take that Extra Step :

  • We care , We notice , We keep records of likes and dislikes, temperament and eating habits.
  • Competent, compassionate, loving and experienced staff
  • Large comfortable accommodation
  • Veterinarian on call
  • Pick Up & Delivery

Our full range of Facilities include:

  • Pet Accomodation - Dogs , Cats , Birds and other Small Animals
  • Pet Training
  • Pet Grooming
  • Breeding of Top Quality BullDogs

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